Dual projection installation / performance (2013)
by Bani Khoshnoudi

Workers dig up the streets and cover them once again...
endlessly resurfacing the scars of a damaged city.

The massive cemetery is in constant expansion, and death
becomes a perpetual construction site.

Inside IranGallery - Jan-Feb 2013

Paradox of Time: Studies in Memory

Dual projection installation / performance (2012)
by Bani Khoshnoudi

Working with archival images from a key historic moment, iconic images from a Revolution, these studies explore notions of duration (cinematic and historical), memory (virtual and image-based), and what effects these have on a sensorial level and on our emotions (affect) as historic and possibly “revolutionary” subjects. 

Repetition, as a principle of memory, as an aesthetic device, a space for inscribing meaning.

Repetition as historical mimesis, as an eternal return, as a possibility for reinvention.

Repetition as a questioning of agency, as a part of human nature.

As a work in progress, these studies are done gradually as the need comes forward to examine or excavate memory, and to repeat.

Presented at Mind Pirates Berlin in the exhibition:
Global Revolutions / Local Contradictions

Presented at Studio for Artistic Research - Dusseldorf, Germany

Untitled by an Anonymous Artist

Sound Installation (2009)
by Bani Khoshnoudi

A six channel (and two headphone) sound installation soliciting the passive interaction of the listener/viewer. The listener/viewer can sit on one of the two chairs against the gallery wall, facing the rest of the space, and thus contemplating and viewing the other pieces, the white box, or the four walls of the (empty) gallery, while hearing a soundscape comprised of field recordings in various cities, speeches by an innovative presidential candidate, the reading of an excerpt Jacques Rancière's writing of the emancipated spectator, and the reading of various testimonies of political prisoners and torture victims from Iran's past.

Whitney Museum of American Art
Independent Study Program

Exhibited at ART IN GENERAL / New York, NY - May 2009



Tehran Portraits

Video Installation (2007)
by Bani Khoshnoudi

TEHRAN PORTRAITS is an experimental diary; a contemplation on the details of a city of 14 million people. Despite the image of a country in turmoil, nothing “special” happens in the everyday life of this city. With video images shot with a small camera and music composed from ambient sounds recorded in the city, these short portraits take a brief instant to observe…

Exhibited at Rencontres Internationales Paris-Berlin(2007)

TRANSFORM/NATION: CONTEMPORARY ART OF IRAN AND ITS DIASPORA - Ellipse Art Gallery, Washington DC and Nikzad Gallery, Tehran