Ziba (2012)

Luciérnagas (Fireflies)

(Fiction feature / in development)

Ali, a young Iranian who has fled the repression in his country, makes a special friendship with Leti, a typical girl in Veracruz, Mexico, who slowly realizes that there is more than one secret to his story.

Shooting location: Veracruz, Mexico

Wtih the support of IMCINE, FOPROCINE (Mexico), Ibermedia, Hubert Bals Fund Plus Europe

In co-production with Elsa Reyes / Zensky Cine (Mexico)
and HAOS Film (Greece)

Ziba (2012)


(Fiction feature / in development)

A prison guard from the militia of a dictatorship has deserted and is now living in Paris. He tries to take on a new identity and this hypocrisy becomes just a banal story of a man looking for anonymity and a normal life, until one day, he comes across one of his victims in the street.

Shooting location: Paris, France

Wtih the support of CNC (FRANCE)

Produced by Janja Kralj / KinoElektron


(Documentary feature / in development)

A film-voyage where the filmmaker travels to meet with two other artists, one in Palestine and the other in her country of origin, Iran, to look at themes around displacement and the supposed need for a (national) identity, while exploring how this affects artistic expression. Made as a travelogue, her interaction with the artists is juxtaposed with the actual travels, on the road, contemplating symbolic places like ruins and archeological sites. Watching the artists work, contemplating their process, and exploring how we create cultural identity through myth and representation, and the inconsistencies that make up our national characters today.

Produced by Janja Kralj / KinoElektron

Untitled film about ANDY MOOR

(Documentary Feature/ in production)

Tirelessly exploring different territories of sound and musical collaboration, guitarist Andy Moor is the protagonist of this film that touches on everything from Cinema, DIY production, Post-Punk and the inclassificable musics of the 80s in England and Europe, Ethiopia, improvisation, photography... and more... Featuring such artists as The Ex, Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, Anne-James Chaton, Yannis Kyriakides, Colin McLean, Paal Nilssen-Love, and many more...

The Vanishing Past

(Documentary Essay / in development)

An exploration of displacement and nostalgia through a fragmented journey spreading across a number of continents.